I’d like to introduce Laura & Daniel, two beautiful human beings, just as beautiful inside as they are from the outside.

She is sweet and angelic. He is gentle and kind. They are both gorgeous and very much in love.

And this is a good thing because I love people full of kindness and positivity. Here is a magnificent couple with whom I have spent an amazing day!

It is in the heart of our breathtaking Provence, in Tarascon, that Laura and Daniel said “Yes, I do” to each other last October, on the 20th of 2018.

As always, I enjoy being there from the beginning of the preparation to the end. It allows me to spend quality time with them and to be able to capture each moment of the most beautiful day of their lives.

One could feel a deep emotion, from the very first moments on to the closing ceremony. Lots of love and affection. Daniel burst into tears when he saw Laura in her superb wedding dress. She was also, filled with happiness and joy and shed some emotional tears. They are so lovely! Once the ceremony over, people stepped outside the church and shouted HURRAY TO THE BRIDE AND GROOM!

The place chosen to continue this unique celebration, was the Mas d’Arvieux. It suited them perfectly: nice, private and authentic. A perfect setting to take pictures, we call: “Couple Session” – a special moment when the bride and groom take the time to be alone and away from the people around them. It lasts 15 to 20 minutes. For Laura and Daniel, it is at this precise moment that I, as their photographer, succeeded in capturing this magical moment expressing fun and a close relationship.

Let the pictures speak for themselves… This wedding was one of the strongest, emotionally speaking, that I have ever experienced. I believe in the strength of the Universe and in the things that make us happy. I feel grateful for having met Laura and Daniel, for having been their wedding photographer and for having learnt so many beautiful things.