I would like you to meet a lovely couple in this charming Nice region. Her name is Laetitia; a woman who enjoys life, love, and happiness. A caring and fascinating person. His name is Joel, a former bodyguard with a big heart, who is sweet and romantic. In other words, these are two wonderful beings that the universe has matched perfectly. They love each other, are happy, and share a loving older son and two adorable little princesses, whom they cherish with so much love.

Against all odds and against life’s many challenges, these two soulmates have been living a true fairy tale; and it is through their love that we truly understand that there is strength in unity!

Is it by coincidence that I became their wedding photographer? No, I do not think so. It is obvious that we meet people who are very much like us, and with whom we share common traits… And among them; love, joy and generosity. Feelings shared throughout their marriage and soon to be celebrated on that very special day!

It’s at the Negresco, a beautiful hotel located in the heart of Nice, in the south of France, that we are going to celebrate one of the most beautiful days of their lives (because yes, let’s not forget the birth of their children)

In this beautiful setting, Laetitia was delightfully waiting for this special day, while Joel was impatient to see the person to whom he was going to say yes! Preparations were under way until very late at night, and everything was as they had imagined. There was a lot of love, passion, joy, and sharing … A dream came true and I’m proud to say that I was there to share the moment.

As a wedding photographer, my role was to capture for their greatest happiness (and mine), the moments, the details, and the smiles … that will be part of their life forever. A unique wedding that I will never forget. Memorable photos to be shared with my grandchildren while telling them how I spent this wonderful day as a wedding photographer.