Marie Laure de HaroMarie Laure de Haro

Feeling is something we live and not something we learn. I think this is one of the quotes that could best describe Marie Laure. When we look at his photos, we can only be touched, whether by a look, a smile, a hand that holds another. I have always been impressed by how much I could move just by looking at one of his beautiful shots. How could I watch an event that I had never attended, illustrating people who were unknown to me? That’s Marie Laure’s magic.

In addition to the feeling, she sublimates her portraits by her iconic and timeless black and white! In color we are always afraid the modes will pass, our photos look completely ridiculous within 10 years, but the black and white, it’s something that doesn’t go out of fashion and that lasts in time. When you show these pictures to your children or grandchildren, they will be able to feel all these beautiful energies that emerge that day.

Sensitive to ecology, Marie Laure fell in love with Costa Rica, a country rich in rare biodiversity, a pioneer in the fields of ecology and sustainable tourism. Her dream, take you there with her for your elopements.

There are people who speak and there are people who act … Marie Laure is definitely one of those who act. A beautiful person whom I admire deeply. Indeed, Marie Laure is not only an artist or a wedding photographer, but she is also a person engaged in tragic fights such as that of the small sun of Seillans. It is an association that helps child victims of cancer in the south of France in partnership with bow 2 in Nice. They organize events, lotto and once a month they prepare meal trays to parents of hospitalized children. They have also set up a room where parents can get their strength back. A room that the association replenishes once a month. Marie Laure participates in each of these actions.


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